Commit 665c47dc authored by amarcic's avatar amarcic
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timeline: adopted new css class names

parent 5c1b009a
......@@ -51,18 +51,17 @@ export const Timeline = (props) => {
return (
<Card className={classes.card}>
<Grid className={classes.gridHead} item container direction="row" spacing={2}>
<Grid className={classes.dashboardTileHeader} item container direction="row" spacing={2}>
<Grid item>
<span><h3 className={classes.h3}>{t('Temporal distribution')}</h3>
<button className="sortButton">sort</button></span>
<h3 className={classes.h3}>{t('Temporal distribution')}</h3>
<Grid id="timelineContainer" className={classes.gridContent} item container direction="column" spacing={2}>
<Grid id="timelineContainer" className={classes.dashboardTileContent} item container direction="column" spacing={2}>
<Grid item>
<TimelineChart filteredTimelineData={filteredTimelineData} dimensions={dimensions} />
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